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Bees, butterflies and badgers

Jill and Tom




This is where my parents farmed, moving here when they married in 1951. I grew up playing in these fields and barns when this was a traditional Cornish family farm, with cattle, sheep, pigs, a dairy herd and chickens.

This first image is of my father and grandfather, working to bring in the the harvest, 1939. Both my parents' ancestors are Cornish farming people.


making hay in the meadow





We have 20 acres that we feel very proud of and it's a privilege to be custodians of one small corner of Cornwall. My brother and his son, James - using his renovated old Dexter tractor - cut hay in late summer after the insects have benefitted from the flowers and grasses. We record the wildlife here for the LAPWG project.



dragonfly at EastgateWe've planted over a thousand trees to create a new woodland in the valley. We manage the meadow for wildlife - bees and butterflies, and anything else that takes refuge here amongst the trees, including badgers and many different wild birds.




This part of Cornwall is a beautiful place to live and we go for lots of walks in the valley and on Bodmin Moor.


We do our bit to help look after the local public footpaths, and we try to keep our parish free of litter - see our North Hill Parish Litter-Free Project www.litterfree.co.uk












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