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Pete Bousfield artist on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Artist on Bodmin Moor


Art inspired by the 'dragon's back' and the surrounding landscape


St Torney's Well

Pete Bousfield works in Middlewood on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, where he has lived for many years. His current work is inspired by the moors, valleys and skies of east Cornwall, particulary Twelvemen’s Moor with its skyline of Kilmar Tor - the ‘dragon’s back’ - and the Lynher Valley below.


This work, completed in 2013, is the last of a series inspired by St. Torney’s Well which is situated close to the river Lynher below the church and village of North Hill in east Cornwall.



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St Torneys well





The well is within the earth energy line known as the Mary Line that emerges to the west of Ireland; reaches Cornwall on the coast near Land’s End and moves east wards up the county.

This line of energy is not straight; it varies in width and intensity and in places meets with and crosses its companion, the Michael Line as it does at the Hurlers on Bodmin Moor before it moves down to the Lynher. Moving through the well and up to the church, it then travels on through Lezant parish and into Devon, eventually reaching the east coast in Norfolk.


St Torneys well













Curved and coloured acrylic strips denote paths of energy lines. The colours are painted onto carved layers of MDF sheet, fixed together onto clear acrylic sheet so that each piece of work appears to ‘float’ off the wall.

The thickly textured acrylic paint glows with colours that change according to the time of day and amount of light.







Because of the complexity of each piece of work, a box is made to carry not only the work itself but also working drawings, the inspiration behind the work and instructions for display.






April 16 - May 21 2016: The Hall Gallery, Sterts, Upton Cross. 'Closely Observed Nature' - a group exhibition by 12 artists.



As a member of the Plymouth Society of Artists, Pete regularly shows with them at the Plymouth City Museum and the Arts Mill.


Previous exhibitions include:

Terra Vert Gallery, Altarnun, Cornwall (2015)

The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall (2009)
Lorient Celtic Festival, Brittany
many locations throughout the west country.


Pete studied art at Bournemouth College of Art & Design in the 1960s and then taught at Launceston College.



Further information

If you are interested in finding out more about this work and would like to visit the studio, please telephone Pete on 01566 782661 or email petebousfield42@gmail.com





boxed piece: Bodmin Moor art




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Bearah tor Bearah Tor kilmar tor
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