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Pottery can be traditional, modern, vibrant, or sober. The pieces here will have bit of both, depending on the mood of the artist on the day he made them.

Traditional design is inspired by the countries the artist lived in or visited, sober color in brown and golden hues with a touch of blue or green. Vibrant and playful colors that lift the mood on plates, mugs, and garden markers. Bowls with a smile at the bottom, because an empty bowl is not a bad thing. Pieces stamped with plants collected in the garden or in the moor for a natural feel.


Domspottery is both useful and beautiful in a way that can make you fall in love with one particular piece while you might simply admire the others.




yarn bowl


About the artist

Dom is pouring his all into each piece, blending influences from his home country (Persia), Europe and the United States. His engineering background, ensures that he will not release a piece unless he his satisfied with the quality. Glaze colors are blended along his moods, or in experiments creating new pieces each time, or experimenting with material to come up with new concepts.

He's happy to talk about any aspect of his pottery.











Website: Domspottery website will be up and running soon so to see work for sale at present please visitplant labels www.etsy.com/shop/Domspottery














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