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World Heritage Site

mine engine houseThe Caradon Mining Area is one of the twelve sites that make up the Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Site. This is tremendously important, recognising the contributions these areas made during the mining years, internationally, culturally and technologically. 

On the south-east edge of Bodmin Moor there are extensive mining remains (1840-90) of the ‘boom to bust’ Cornish copper mining landscape. The Caradon area was then a busy, noisy, harsh environment where hundreds of miners and their families lived and worked.


Caradon Hill

Caradon Hill, with the TV mast at the summit, has a dismantled railway line circling the northern side of the hill, and this makes for an easy route to follow. Around the hill to the south is the Gonamena Valley where the mining spoil heaps, shafts and chimneys dominate the landscape in an awe inspiring way.


This moorland village was almost entirely built in just a few years (1863-80) because of the rapid industrial development around the mining, quarrying and railways. The archaeological remains are clearly seen around this part of the moor.


Kilmar on Twelve Men's Moor

disused moorland railway at KilmarFor a longer walk, follow the dismantled railway north from Minions, then find a gate on access land, just south of Wardbrook Farm, to continue following the route of the railway around to Kilmar Tor on Twelve Men's Moor. Return via Bearah Tor and Sharp Tor on Langstone Downs.









The disused railway track,
Kilmar to Minions




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