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a walk from Trevadlock

Trevadlock to the Ninestones stone circle on Bodmin Moor

Trevadlock clapper bridgeFor this walk allow three hours, or longer if you extend the walk on Bodmin Moor.

Park in Trevadlock hamlet (please park thoughtfully and avoid blocking farm gates).


Delightful views of the Lynher Valley and crossing the river on the clapper bridge, then climbing gently to Bodmin Moor.





the ancient clapper bridge near Trevadlock



stone circle on Bodmin MoorFrom Trevadlock walk a little way towards North Hill to find the footpath on the right. Follow this down the hill to the clapper bridge, an ancient footbridge over the River Lynher, and continue on the footpath to the next road. Turn right to Stonaford where you turn right again.


This road ends at Tolcarne and you continue up the bridleway onto the open moorland hillside of Bodmin Moor.



Nine Stone stone circle



North Hill parish boundary stone on Bodmin MoorTo reach the Nine Stones stone circle make your way diagonally to the right, up the hill to the right of the ridge and you should be able to find this little stone circle between Ridge and Fox Tor.


You may also be ably to fing some of the old granite parish boundary stones. These are engraved with N for North Hill on one side and A for Altarnun on the other.


Return to Trevadlock by the same route, or use the OS map to follow alternative footpath routes from the Moor.



North Hill parish boundary stone










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