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a walk at Coads Green

a walk at Coads Green

footpath from Coads Green, Cornwall

Coads Green to Bathpool circular walk.

For this walk allow at least one hour.

Park in Coads Green village hall car park.


Delightful views across the valley to the hills of Bodmin Moor, and the old granite clapper bridge at Bathpool.


From Coads Green village hall turn right, then fork right to leave the village. In a quarter of a mile you
will find the first footpath on the right.

view to Bodmin Moor on the Coads Green to Bathpool walkWalk parallel to the hedge on your right and continue down through the gate and the next field to the road at West Tremollett Farm. Turn left and immediatley after the farm buildings the next footpath is on the right.


Go straight across this field then follow the yellow arrows which indicate the route to the right of the barn (at Half Acre Farm) and up to the next gate on the right.


Go through the gate on the right and across the field, a little to the right, to the hedge stile. Continue across a series of fields, with this stunning view to the hills of bodmin Moor - Sharp Tor, Bearah Tor and Kilmar Tor.


When you meet the road turn right and immediately right again into a narrow lane that takes you down to cross the stream over the ancient granite clapper bridge, then up to meet the road again. Turn right. (Or if you prefer to go into Bathpool village stay on the road until the nect junction and turn right.)

Now stay on the road to return to Coads Green.








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