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Cooler days and autumn colours



Ploughing the arable fields brings the gulls, drawn inland from the coast, flocking to see what can be found in the freshly turned soil and a change of diet.

The birds have enjoyed the spoils of the harvest - farmers are encouraged to leave grain waste to provide important seed food for some declining farmland birds, such as yellowhammers. There is excellent advice for farmers on the RSPB website.


The changing Autumn colours in the trees brings new tones and hues to the landscape, wind whips up clusters of leaves along the roads, and darkening skies contrast sunlit fields.

You can read about why leaves change colour on the Woodland Trust website.


dogwoodHedgehogs may still be seen, they are building up their reserves for winter hibernation.


In the garden apples and pears are falling to the ground, providing food for birds, insects and even butterflies (they suck nectar from the rotting flesh).


Our crab apple tree is a favourite with the blackbirds, and the hedgerow and woodland fruits are important for all our wildlife.

















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