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May 1st, a cuckoo is heard in the valley early in the morning, and later in the day is seen by walkers on the edge of Bodmin Moor.




By the end of May the trees are full of new leaves and the green-ness of the countryside is stunning. We have masses of speedwell around our trees creating a splendid blue haze, paler than the richness of bluebells which are always startling on the roadside verges during May.



This a splendid month to take a walk along the quiet countryside lanes and footpaths here in the early purple orchid in the hedgerow


purple orchid

Lynher Valley - admiring the fresh new leaves on the trees and the colourful hedgerows flowers.

It is always a delight to find the early purple orchids in their particular spot along the roadside; bluebells, red campion and the pink cuckoo flower are set off with a splash of yellow from buttercups and the white of the greater stitchwort.


In the garden birds are busy collecting worms to feed their young, often calling anxiously or screaming a warning against the various predators, from cats to sparrow hawks.


The swifts have arrived. Like the swallows, they return to look for the same nesting place as last year. We saw a yellow hammer perched on the top of a hazel bush at the side of the road, I haven't seen one in recent years so this was a welcome sighting.


But birds once common in the UK countryside are suffering from huge decline in numbers, with lapwings, turtle doves and nightingales among those at risk.
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