country diary


The colder weather has arrived and this brings a greater variety of birds into the garden, as they search for food.

holly berriesA bullfinch has been coming closer now although is too shy to visit the bird feeder. Long-tailed tits cluster on the peanuts and even the nuthatch waits for them to leave.

Across the garden blackbirds settle into the crab apple tree - there are sometimes six or more - and others on the ground search under the leaf mulch.


A great spotted woodpecker has also found the peanuts; we watch it feed then return to the oak tree with its distinctive bouncing flight. A treecreeper finds is often seen visiting the garden trees, busily searching for insects.



With freezing conditions throughout the country wildlife will be winter sunrise
struggling to find food. Water is frozen, the ground is solid and berries will soon be in short supply.



The snow brings a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful light.





























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