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Gloriously sunny days and swallows are arriving now.

cuckoo flowerAs weeks go by they are joined by later arrivals and are soon

settling in to find their old nesting sites from previous years and build nests. Last year we found nests that had crumbled in the hot, dry weather.


We're seeing Orange Tip butterflies in the garden and woodland, they particularly like the cuckoo flowers (photo). Peacock butterflies have emerged from hibernation and visiting the hedgerow flowers.




With crisp, clean air and blue skies - this is a great time to walk on the moor to take in the stunning landscape and fantastic views.

But take time for a closer look, stop and study the stones, for the
archaeology here on Bodmin Moor is really very special. This April on the moortime
of year, particularly before the bracken begins to grow, even casual walkers will be able to find the still visible remains of people that lived and visited here in prehistoric times. You can buy a guide book at the local tearoom at Minions or the bookshop at Liskeard, for information to help find and understand the unique wealth of archaeology here, from ancient ritual monuments to the actual remains of round houses and animal enclosures.
























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