some of the things we do

Lots of small steps that all help!

save energy



We try to be energy aware and find ways of reducing the amount of energy we use.


Simply saving energy by:

  • using energy-saving light bulbs
  • switching off lights in empty rooms and outside lights where possible
  • switching off appliances overnight, not leaving them on standby
  • having good loft insulation.
washing lineThe most energy efficient clothes drier is a washing line.

World Wildlife Fund: If you reduce the amount of energy you use in the home, not only will you cut your energy bills, but you will be playing your part in reducing your impact on climate change. Good advice on their website: www.wwf.org.uk
Free and impartial advice on saving energy at home Cornwall EEAC

wood burning stoveWood burning stoves are energy efficient. We use local wood suppliers.




Recycling & reducing waste

Waste is a problem - so what are we doing about it?


We are:

  • re-using paper, jars and other things that come in useful
  • recycling paper, glass, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles
  • composting organic uncooked waste and garden waste
  • buying products made from recycled materials
  • taking unwanted items to the local charity shops, the Scrapstore at Liskeard and Re:Source at Bodmin
bee on broadbean flowersThe bees love my broadbean flowers! And young, fresh beans are delicious!!smile


Advice about composting www.recycleforcornwall.org.uk
'Depositing waste is now having some very serious effects on the environment.' BBC Planet Cornwall
Find out why rubbish is such a problem and get some great 'Wacky Waste Facts' www.wasteonline.org.uk




Plastic bags – no thanks! Plastic Planet is a 10 minute film on MySpace videos about the
 ubiquitous plastic bag - well worth a look. Nasa even found one floating in space recently! A plastic bag lasts up to 400 years, spending the vast majority of that time in a landfill site or strewn across the British countryside.
www.green-england.co.uk/plasticbagpetition Plastic Bag Free Saltash. Saltash Bags Project  Modbury - Britain's first plastic bag free town www.plasticbagfree.com/facts.php Highlighting the environmental impact of ...  the plastic bag.plasticbag.org.uk



Local economy

Local people, business and the environment must benefit from tourism and a healthy local economy.


We support other local businesses and the local economy:

  • visitors to our B&Bs and S/C accommodation are encouraged to buy local produce, and go to local markets and village pubs
  • we sell locally including at local markets
  • we buy our own fresh food locally
  • we buy other products from local suppliers
Fairtrade logoWe support Fairtrade's vision, where justice and sustainabledevelopment are at the heart of trade.smileWe buy Fairtrade produce. More about Fairtrade..






oak leaves and acorns











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