We live and work in this amazingly peaceful and beautiful corner of Cornwall, the Lynher Valley on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor - and we love it!


This is a very special part of Cornwall, well off the beaten track, so of course we all have a personal commitment to care for the environment.


Our Lynher Valley network supports local businesses and also encourages us all to make important changes in our lives and our work to protect our wonderful countryside, supporting the local economy and helping visitors appreciate and connect with our local area.


And it's also about remembering that our actions have wider impact on the planet - that all those tiny differences that we can all make are so important!

dragonflyThe Lynher Valley provides habitat for birds, insects and mammals including otters.
The Lynher Farm story
oak treeThis old oak tree at Eastgate is host to insects galore and shelters many of our native birds. The Eastgate story

Making our homes and businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly is so often about small but important changes, small steps towards a bigger picture.


smile!You can read the stories and about some of the things we are doing and find links to helpful websites.



water butts at Treovis FarmWater butts collect rainwater to provide for the cattle at Treovis Cross Farm
The Treovis Cross Farm story


See our page on Climate change for quotes and comments
- and we would be pleased to hear your comments too.


oak leaves and acorns

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