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The Fairtrade mark can be seen on many supermarket shelves with hundreds of goods, from cocoa to cotton, now carrying the mark.

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What is Fairtrade about?

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Under Fairtrade, farmers receive agreed and stable prices and an extra payment (a 'premium') to invest in their community.

In every UK town there are shops that sell Fairtrade produce. There are a growing number of Fairtrade towns and Callington, here in east Cornwall, is one of the few in Cornwall. Cornerstone store in Fore Street, below, sells Fairtrade produce including Café Direct coffee, gifts and clothing.
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The Fairtrade Foundation is a development organisation committed to tackling poverty and injustice through trade, to help people, through their work to maintain a dignified and decent livelihood. It wants a world in which justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade between countries.




How did it start?

The concept of fair trade has been around for more than 40 years and in the late 1980s the Dutch development agency Solidaridat launched the first fair-trade Mexican coffee to highlight the plight of pickers. This was replicated in other countries and Fairtrade grew with labelling and certification.




Find out more

The Fairtrade website www.fairtrade.org.uk

British Association for Fair Trade Shops www.bafts.org.uk


Fairtrade in Cornwall



Cooperative shop at Callington
The Cooperative supermarket is a major supporter of Fairtrade and sells many of their products. The Cooperative has three-year Ethical Operating Plan (announces Feb 2011) giving 'unequivocal support for Fairtrade, including that ‘if it can be Fairtrade, it will be Fairtrade’.

Fairtrade in Cornwall

Fairtrade towns in Cornwall are Callington, Truro, St Autell and Falmouth. Just across the Tamar into Devon there's Tavistock and Plymouth.
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About Fairtrade and Climate Change:


It is those at the heart of the Fairtrade movement, poor
farmers and workers, in developing countries, that are at the
very frontline of the climate crisis. These individuals and their
families are already reporting to us the impact that climate
change is having on their livelihoods and their wellbeing.

Extract from 'A Fairtrade Foundation Discussion Paper'
October 2009

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